Our leather finishing range ensures that all types of crust can be transformed into high-performing leather. The different finishing agents can be combined as required to produce the desired surface touch, water resistance, light fastness and rub fastness in accordance with the international market trends.

Using our finishing product portfolio it is possible to produce all the required fashionable effects for the leather goods market, as for example a glossy, polishing aspect or pull-up effects as well as high performance solutions for the car upholstery leather market.

Our portfolio of silicones and special binders improve properties such as softness, water-repellency and abrasion resistance, enhancing as functional additives the quality of your formulations.

The new CHT fluorine-free water repellent agents are the latest development for the leather market to ensure high quality and sustainable solutions for our customers.

Leather finishing

  • Amino silicones for a soft and silky touch
  • Polyether silicones for leather wetting and for an even application
  • Silicone gum to improve the abrasion resistance
  • Reactive silicones for soil release
  • Special waterproofing (fluorine-free) silicones



Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Leather SolutionsSilikone für Leder-FormuliererSilicones for Leather FormulatorsePaper25.05.2022