All over the world laminates is a strongly growing market segment. Millions of square metres of floorings, furniture, kitchen fronts, bathroom surfaces and house fronts are produced with it.

Extremely robust and individually designed laminate surfaces give an agreeable, natural atmosphere at home.

In a close cooperation with our customers we develop smart solutions for processes in the laminate industry. As a result, our customers are highly satisfied with our products. The end users benefit from a very durable laminate surface of high quality.

Our products contribute to environmental friendliness and sustainability.
We are a reliable partner that supports you with the following special additives for finishing laminate surfaces:

  • Hardeners for activating the resin system
  • Wetting agents for an optimal penetration and surface levelling
  • Defoamers for preventing foam in the resins baths
  • Release agents for a quick release out of the press
  • Anti-dust agents for preventing dust during the process
  • Anti-blocking agents for preventing impregnated paper from sticking together during storage
  • Surface effect additives for an optimal surface smoothness, gloss, softness, as well as flexibility




Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Paper SolutionsAdditive für die LaminatindustrieAdditives for the lamination industryBrochure15.04.2024