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Meeting the challenges of modern mining

The processing of highly valuable mineral resources is marked by an increasing demand of a growing number of future-oriented industries, like electronics, automotive or solar components. Besides the prevailing economical crisis and the huge demand for resources, this is impacting heavily on gold prices and other semi precious metals.

Furthermore, ecological requirements and process optimization in terms of consumption of resources, water and energy are constantly increasing.

CHT Group contributes innovative solutions as well as technologies for cost-effective processes and ultimately a competitive extraction of those precious metals like gold, platinum and copper.


Efficient mining processes with HANSA OPTIMIZE M series

We developed with HANSA OPTIMIZE M a non-foaming wetting agent, that perfectly meets these requirements.

Besides an increasing yielding, HANSA OPTIMIZE M series increases the yield and allows the reduction of toxic and harmful chemicals like cyanides.

It creates added value in two ways: as part of heap leaching and flotation processes.



Advance in Flotation process

  • Increasing efficiency in adsorption
  • Surface tension of the mineral/ore is significantly reduced
  • Better separation
  • Positive stabilization effect
  • Improvement of recovery of target mineral


Advance in leaching process | Heap leaching

  • Reduction of process time
  • Reduction of surface tension
  • Excellent wetting of ores and minerals
  • No foaming during and after leaching
  • No negative impact on process
  • Higher yields of extraction


Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Mining SolutionsHANSA OPTIMIZE M | Aufbereitungshilfsmittel für den BergbauHANSA OPTIMIZE M | Refining auxiliary for miningBrochure07.09.2023

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