Brand & Retail Service

Excellent counselling and strong effects

A wide range of innovative and sustainable products and applications has always been only one part of CHT's philosophy. We want to be a competent partner and consultant to all participants in the textile market and have been offering comprehensive support along the entire textile production chain for more than 65 years.

Today we are a leading company for sustainable applications and processes. We are working on advising and supplying our customers even more effectively every day, also with our Brand & Retail Service.

Comprehensive counselling is a decisive success factor. Especially in the textile industry, requirements and processes are becoming increasingly demanding and complex. Not only laws and institutions are more and more demanding regarding transparency, there is also an immense consciousness on the part of the consumers regarding the absence of harmful substances and product safety. More and more product components and production processes have to be supported by verifiable labels or certifications. Bluesign, GOTS, ZDHC and other institutions are thus increasingly influencing all textile processes and leading to an increase in global control and stricter conditions.

Therefore, partners who are at your side with words and deeds are all the more important. The CHT Brand & Retail Service is here your eye to eye specialist in chemistry. We support you in complying with and implementing ecological basic conditions and advise you with regard to technical and economically sensible implementation.

We support consumers, customers, brands but also NGOs, testing institutes and associations by creatively cooperating on the basis of our knowledge, our ideas and tailor-made solutions.

Due to its extensive networking, knowledge of the textile market and high process know-how, the CHT Brand & Retail Service is your perfect bond to the finishing company, but also to the merchandiser, the retailer and the brands.

Well advised with the Brand & Retail Service

  • Ecological expertise and environmentally friendly chemistry
    • Our targets for environment and safety are in line with the industry principles of Responsible Care
    • We actively support the targets of REACH
    • CHT supports the global ZDHC initiative since 2011 and is also Value Chain Contributor of the ZDHC Foundation since July 2019 (>1.600 products in ZDHC Gateway)
    • CHT is bluesign supporter since 2008 (>1.600 CHT products in bluesign FINDER)
    • Cooperation with UN Global Compact since 2016
    • Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX
    • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
    • Cradle to Cradle Certified
    • CHT Inditex list (>1.200 CHT products)
  • Compliance with RSL and NGO requirements
  • Quality Assurance
  • Expertise in finishing techniques and textile effects
  • Colours Know-how (metamerism, colour constancy, fastnesses)
  • Communication with suppliers and other market participants
  • Information on innovations and trends
  • Support and advice on effect qualification (branding system)