Home Care

Floor Care

The range of floor coverings in houses and apartments is steadily increasing. Aside from carpets and wall-to-wall carpets, many other floor coverings such as stoneware, PVC, laminate or parquet as well as cork flooring are used nowadays.

In order to be able to enjoy the high-quality materials for a long time, the right care must be given.
With suitable additives in cleaning and care products, the floors can be protected and preserved over a long period.

Application Fields

  • Polishes containing wax and polymer
  • Floor cleaners
  • Upholstery and carpet cleaning
  • Impregnation

Properties and Effects

  • Moisture and joint protection / Avoidance of swelling damages
  • Oil repellence
  • Very good flow and wetting properties
  • Long-time effect
  • Colour deepening

Chemical Base

  • Modified silicone oil emulsions
  • Polyether siloxanes


Kitchen and Sanitary Care

In bathrooms and kitchens normally very high-quality materials such as ceramics, glass, stainless steel or marble are used. These surfaces are usually highly polished.

The gloss of these polished surfaces is associated with cleanliness. Such smooth surfaces are, however, very sensitive to stains and streaks. With suitable care additives the cleaning effort and cleaning intervals are considerably reduced with the gloss remaining on the same high level.

Application Fields

  • Bathroom cleaners
  • Stainless steel care
  • Glass cleaners with antifogging properties
  • Stove top care
  • Kitchen counter sealing

Properties and Effects

  • Improved water roll off behaviour
  • Higher gloss
  • "Easy to clean“ effects
  • Prevents lime scale

Chemical Base

  • Amino siloxanes
  • Silicone resins
  • Silicone quats
  • Polyether siloxanes


Furniture and Leather Care

Materials made of leather are found almost everywhere in everyday life no matter whether shoes, briefcases, furniture or automotive parts.

Leather is a very important material in our life, but it is sensitive to moisture and other environmental influences.

For this reason it is particularly important to take care of this precious material and to protect it in the appropriate way.

With the proper care, the sensitivity of leather can be reduced and a lasting quality can be achieved. Modified silicones are an important and innovative raw material for high-quality leather care products.

Application Fields

  • Polishes containing wax and polymer
  • Impregnations
  • Self-shine polishes
  • Teak oil

Properties and Effects

  • Water repellence
  • Higher gloss
  • Colour deepening

Chemical Base

  • Silicone emulsions
  • Wax emulsions 



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