Most modern and sustainable Paper and Packaging Adhesives

Packaging materials made of paper and cardboard are today an essential part of our daily lives. End users and manufacturers are placing ever higher demands on quality and function.

Design, functionality, food compatibility and recyclability are constantly subject to new trends and increasing standards. Especially in the area of food packaging, legal regulations have a major impact on the products and processes of the paper and board industry.

Our claim is to recognize the changing requirements of the dynamic market at an early stage and to permanently find and offer optimal adhesive solutions.

With the experience and knowledge of our paper experts, we have developed the high-performance and sustainable TUBIBOND adhesives. The TUBIBOND range is specifically designed to meet the challenges of the packaging industry and its machine systems. TUBIBOND paper adhesives ensure an ecologically conscious use of resources and contribute to the sustainability goals of the packaging industry.

You too can benefit from our ecological and customized solutions for the paper processing industry.


Your benefits at a glance

Broad portfolio

We offer a versatile product range for all paper grades and surfaces with strong bonding performance.

Excellent Machine Runability

TUBIBOND adhesives show excellent machine runability. Adhesives with quick drying time have been especially developed for modern high-speed machines. Residues are easy to clean and a broad range of available pump systems ensure non-stop production.


Our biodegradable adhesives contribute to circular economy. Our water-based adhesives support the sustainability targets of the paper packaging industry and so we actively foster the replacement of plastic packaging.


The TUBIBOND product range offers extensive solutions for the Paper converting industry. TUBIBOND products are highly efficient and utmost sustainable. They are designed to ensure fast and smooth production processes.

TUBIBOND PR 145 for example is a versatile product for many paper and packaging machines. Its optimized drying time meets exactly the highly demands of paper bag and corrugated box manufacturing processes. Due to the concentrated active content, extremely strong adhesion can be achieved even with the smallest application quantities compared to similar products.


For more detailed product information please download our brochure and get in contact with us for application specific individual assistance.


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