Care agents for bed feathers and filling material

DEHA products wash, clean and nourish all kinds of bed linen and filling agents, no matter if these are loose feathers, complete down duvets or blankets made of wool, fine natural hair or silk, filling agents and tickings made of feathers or synthetic fibres.

Moreover, the NOCAR special products for bed feather finishing provide additional properties such as freshness, an improved whiteness degree, softness, antistatic behaviour, heat retention capacity, hydrophilic behaviour and an optimal long term protection of the bed linen.

Properties and application indications

NOCAR®-finished feathers and down...

  • have excellent isolation properties
  • absorb transpiration humidity very quickly
  • have a distinct bulk elasticity and a higher filling power with equal volume
  • increase the physiological properties of the feather
  • increase the heat retention capacity of the feather
  • prevent the filling material from becoming clammy under humidity impact
  • can be washed at temperatures up to 60°C (gentle detergent) without being impaired and with special processes even at boiling temperature
  • do not form lumps and can be dried more easily and quickly
  • can be easily composted



Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Textile Care SolutionsÜbersicht Bettfedern-HilfsmittelOverview bed feather auxiliariesTechnical information30.11.2023
Textile Care SolutionsPerfekte Bettfedern- und Füllmaterial-VeredlungPerfect finishing of bed feathers and filling materialBrochure14.12.2017