SILCO CT 1211 | The water-resistant dispersing additive for industrial & wood coatings

The permanently high product quality of industrial and wood coatings requires stable formulations, homogeneous particle distribution and the best possible water resistance of the resulting surfaces. It is precisely for this purpose that the CHT Group has developed the universal dispersing additive SILCO CT 1211 for waterborne systems.

The low water permeability is achieved by an optimum balance between pigment-affine and hydrophobic components. The result is high water and stain resistance of wood and furniture coatings. When used on single-coat metal finishes (DTM), the additive also reduces water absorption and thus contributes to improved corrosion protection.

SILCO CT 1211 is suitable for dispersing organic and inorganic pigments and is compatible with common waterborne binders. The anionic dispersing additive enables the production of environmentally compatible and easy-to-process coating systems with the highest quality and durability.


SILCO CT 1211 at a glance

  • Universal dispersing additive for waterborne coating systems
  • Suitable for organic & inorganic pigments, titanium dioxide, carbon blacks and fillers
  • Excellent water resistance of coatings
  • Optimum water and stain resistance in wood & furniture coatings
  • Supports corrosion-inhibiting tendencies in direct-to-metal (DTM) / single-coat metal coatings
  • Ideal for long-lasting, durable and impervious coating systems





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