TUBIWASH HLD-N | Cleaning Additive for Plastic Recycling

Efficient washing processes are crucial in plastics recycling. CHT's TUBIWASH products make a decisive contribution in this area.

TUBIWASH HLD-N is characterized in particular by good glue removal and strong oil emulsification. Due to the high emulsifying capacity, TUBIWASH HLD-N is suited for removing oils and fats.

Its convincing properties make TUBIWASH HLD-N the ideal process aid for your company.


Special properties:

  • Outstanding cleaning effect
  • Low foaming tendency
  • Efficient at low application amounts
  • Suitable for all temperatures
  • Alkaline stability
  • Easy dosable
  • Storage stability





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Recycling SolutionsTUBIWASH HLD-N | ReinigungsmittelTUBIWASH HLD-N | Cleaning AdditiveTechnical information30.08.2021