Digital carpet printing | Digital valve printing

For decades CHT has successfully produced and sold thickeners and auxiliaries for conventional carpet printing. This know-how was now transferred into digital carpet printing and developed furthermore for the corresponding processes.

The TUBIVIS UNIQUE range helps minimise the printing cost and simultaneously achieve an optimum print quality. Users additionally benefit from a maximum operative safety.

The print pastes are optimised for the machinery provided by Zimmer (Chromojet®) and Atexco.


Added value through digital carpet printing

  • Inexpensive printing process
  • Ideal adjustment of the fastnesses to the individual requirements thanks to the great variety of dyes
  • Printing of carpet qualities with more than 2000 g/sqm
  • Design changes produce no print paste residues in process colour printing on Chromojet lines and the design change can be done without delay


Universally applicable

Thickeners and additives of the CHT Textile Auxiliary Solutions are particularly suited for the following application:

  • Carpets in general
  • Carpet mats
  • Wall to wall carpets
  • Floor coverings
  • Corridor carpets
  • Dust-control mats
  • Logo mats


Technically variable

Our innovative thickeners and additives cover the following application fields of carpet printing:

  • Printing with acid and metal complex dyes
  • Printing with disperse dyes
  • Printing with cationic dyes
  • Process colour printing
  • Printing with the digital valve technology (ChromojetR, Atexo)
  • Fibre types: polyamide (PA), wool (WO), polyester (PES), cat dyeable PES (cdp), acrylic (PAC)


Thickeners for digital carpet printing

TUBIVIS UNIQUE thickeners stand out for their high colour brilliancy and sharpness of outlines and a simultaneously economical application.

TUBIVIS UNIQUE 432 E | Synthetic thickener

TUBIVIS UNIQUE SUPREME | Synthetic thickener for printing with 76 dpi and process colour printing


Auxiliaries for digital and conventional carpet printing

RAPIDOPRINT FIX | Fixation accelerator for printing on PES

• RAPIDOPRINT CSP | Penetration agent for all fields of carpet printing

RAPIDOPRINT SC 10 | Penetration agent particularly for wool

COLORCONTIN BDF | Frosting-prevention agent

• LAVOTAN SE | Cleaning agent for printing systems



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