COOLDYE | CHT's new dyeing process

Polyester is the most widely used fiber worldwide. Today, the focus of industry is on producing recycled polyester textiles to promote circular economy and close the loop. Additionally, degradable polyester fibers designed to biodegrade within few years are emerging as potential solution to tackle the problem of microfibers.

CHT’s COOLDYE process is developed for low temperature dyeing of recycled and degradable PES fibers using biobased auxiliaries. The COOLDYE system combines the soy-based bio-leveler SARABID TS 300 with the sugarcane-based bio-reductor REDULIT GIN to achieve a sustainable dyeing process. Both auxiliary products have been awarded with a C2C Material Health Certificate at Gold Level and USDA Certified Biobased Product Certification. The system is complemented by our BEMACRON HP-LTD disperse dyes that specifically enable the low temperature dyeing process, which saves energy and time.


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Textile Auxiliary SolutionsCOOLDYE | Nachhaltiges Färben für recycelte und abbaubare PES-FasernCOOLDYE | Sustainable dyeing for recycled and degradable PES fibersePaper03.05.2023