The world of yarns opens up an exciting field of topics. The demands placed on modern yarns require individual technical solutions for lubrication, functionalization, coating and bonding. The experts in the Textile Finishing application field supply tailor-made, high-performance product solutions for these purposes.

In the new e-paper TAKE UP THE THREAD we bundle information around our products LUSTRAFFIN, POLYAVIN and POLYAVIN BOND. A tailor-made portfolio for the finishing of yarns and threads, for use as sewing and embroidery threads, ropes, marine ropes or for technical applications in the automotive industry, as well as in the shoe and outdoor sector.

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Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsTake up the Thread | Ausrüstung von Garnen und FädenTake up the Thread | Finishing of yarns and threadsePaper28.06.2023