QUIMIZIME B | Smart Enzymes for Paper Production

Optimisation of processes and paper products through bio-refining

Sustainability is a major focus of the pulp and paper industry. Aligned with the market demands and our strategy on sustainability throughout the value chain, the CHT Group developed an environmentally friendly enzyme technology for paper production.

Bio-refining with QUIMIZIME B optimises the energy consumption and the productivity of the processes. Furthermore, the use of common chemicals can be minimised within the production. Positive effects on the paper properties deliver an additional benefit.


How QUIMIZIME B enzymes work

CHT enzyme products consist of cellulase biocatalysts which are working highly substrate specifically without unwanted interactions in the process.

They improve the fibrillation and delamination of cellulose fibres and ideally prepare them for the refining process. This induces less mechanical stress to the fibre and has also a positive influence on the paper properties. Dewatering can be accelerated due to the remarkably reduced formation of fines.



Successful implementation and application

CHT’s smart application management can provide additional benefits besides the energy savings.

Depending on customer demands we develop the right approach to implement the CHT enzymes into every customer process. Smart application management offers unique opportunities to increase productivity in many ways and to simultaneously improve paper properties such as strength and softness.

Most versatile process auxiliaries

The enzymatic technology of QUIMIZIME can be applied effectively with all kinds of softwood and hardwood pulp material:

  • Recycled pulp
  • Chemical pulp
  • Mechanical pulp


Oustanding advantages of smart bio-refining with QUIMIZME B

  • Savings in refining energy and steam consumption
  • Chemical savings
  • Higher productivity through increased machine speed
  • Improved paper properties (Tensile Index, Scott Bond, softness, etc.)
  • Substitution of long fibres by short fibres




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