TUXON ETC Antiscalants Deposit-free production of high quality pulp

For a smooth production, an optimum functionality and highest quality of the paper product the CHT Group offers a broad product portfolio of high-grade process chemicals.
Antiscalants from the TUXON product range successfully prevent inorganic substances of any kind from depositing. Thus, they strongly increase the productivity as well as the product quality. Longer production downtimes are a matter of the past.

Efficient performance

Through the different performance mechanisms of TUXON antiscalants, deposits are very efficiently prevented. Special polymers inhibit the agglomeration and growth of crystals. Due to the modified crystal surface the generated soft and amorphous slurries can be easily removed.

Application fields of TUXON ETC

  • Pulp cooking
  • Pulp bleaching
  • Recovery process
  • Water treatment

Benefit from the TUXON antiscalants

  • Effective scale control
  • Individual solutions
  • Longer running periods
  • Reduced downtimes
  • Increased productivity
  • Constant product quality throughout the complete lifetime
  • Savings in energy costs
  • High process safety



Strong combination

Efficiently combine your wood and pulp bleaching processes with the CHT sequestrant TUXON P 5 and stabilise your bleaching processes on a lasting base.

Unlike aminopolycarboxylates, the CHT sequestrants can be eliminated in wastewater purification plants highly contributing thus to the protection of the environment.


TUXON P 5 | Sequestrants

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