Modular hydrophilic system | Tailor-made products for all hydrophilic demands

Hydrophilicity is trendy

The absorbency of textiles can only be clearly optimised with efficient hydrophilic products.

Hydrophilic properties can be achieved with various modules. Versatile effects can be obtained with hydrophilic softeners but also with polymers and hydrophilic agents.

The CHT Group offers comprehensive and innovative components with various combination possibilities. This results in highly flexible applications which meet every demand.

Further information and more detailed application fields can be found on the product pages or in the brochure. Our staff will be pleased to help you when implementing new finishing effects.

Benefits of hydrophilic finishing products at a glance

  • Rapid dry
  • Improved moisture management
  • Soft and supple handle
  • Improved volume on terry cloth articles
  • Reduced static charge of synthetic fibres
  • Suited as process aid for sanforising and compacting


Versatile application fields

  • Terry cloth articles
  • Sportswear and active wear
  • Functional wear
  • Outerwear
  • Socks and stockings


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