BEZAKTIV FX | Reactive dyestuffs for garment

ONE dyestuff for ALL garment applications

The garment industry must currently face increasing challenges, among others higher ecological requirements by customers and brands, high demands on fastness levels or optimum reproducibility, even of very critical shades.

What’s more, the application of many modern garment effects such as wash-out, used or vintage look partially bears great disadvantages, e.g. low light and wet fastness levels, problems with streakiness or poor fixation degrees may become problematic.

Therefore, it is time to switch to modern and efficient products for the garment dyeing processes. With its excellent properties the new BEZAKTIV FX range meets current demands and simultaneously reduces the costs contributing thus to sustainability.

Universal applications for clean results

The new BEZAKTIV FX range contains innovative universal products which comply with all demands on contemporary garment dyeing. With the versatile range of BEZAKTIV FX shades you are on the right track and always achieve optimum results, no matter if your work with standard, high performance or fashionable reactive dyeing processes.

Since most shades obtain highest fixation degrees and best wash off properties you are not only able to reduce the water and energy consumption to a great extent but also the wastewater load. Moreover, the BEZAKTIV FX dyestuffs stand out by their positive fastness properties and the versatile application fields. Most BEZAKTIV FX elements can additionally be used for the following fashionable bleaching processes.

BEZAKTIV FX products are selected reactive dyestuffs for dyeing garment articles made of cellulose as well as regenerated cellulose fibres and their blends. They are equally suited for continuous and semi-continuous dyeing procedures.


An overview of the benefits of BEZAKTIV FX:

  • State-of-the-art in terms of sustainability and ecological behaviour through low temperature soaping
  • Clear savings of water and energy and less contamination of wastewater
  • Highest fixation degrees and optimal ease of removal
  • Excellent fastness characteristics
  • Versatile application range
  • 35 dye elements offer the right tool for every application
  • 16 dye selections help make the optimal choice for each application
  • Almost all BEZAKTIV FX products are suited for a use in fashion bleaches; excellent bleaching results are achieved with organIQ BLEACH




Optimise your dyeing and bleaching process with the following products:

DENIMCOL DIS-MIP | Dispersing agent, levelling agent, sequestrant, soaping agent

DENIMCOL FIX-ACP | Fastness improving agent

DENIMCOL SEL | Soaping agent

DENIMCOL LUB-BPA | Crease-prevention agent

organIQ BLEACH system | For local bleach of denim articles


Convincing bleaching effects with the organIQ BLEACH system

With our first purely organic bleaching agent system for denim and for articles dyed with BEZAKTIV FX you not only optimise your dyeing but also your bleaching processes. With our organIQ BLEACH nice tone-in-tone bleaching effects are obtained; sometimes even a bright white can be achieved. As a consequence, this is the perfect solution for sustainable and fashionable bleaching effects: It is free from heavy metals, completely biodegradable and without any persistent components. Its application does not bear any risks for the environment or wastewater load with substances containing heavy metals. The organIQ BLEACH system complies thus with the strict demands of bluesign® and GOTS.


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