BEMACRON HP-LTD | Low temperature dyeing of PES and PES/EL blends

BEMACRON HP-LTD (Low Temperature Dyeing) is the latest generation of BEMACRON HP disperse dyes which lead to highest wash fastnesses due to their saponification behaviour.

Unlike other wash fast dyes these products are even able to dye dark shades already at 120 °C. This makes them particularly suitable for heat-sensitive fibre blends made of polyester and elastane.

The product range complies with the latest technologies and meets highest demands on textile dyeing.


Efficient on sensitive materials

Thanks to the special dye profile of the BEMACRON HP-LTD range sensitive qualities made of polyester and elastane as well as wound packages can be dyed. Without having to use any carriers your results will already be excellent at dyeing temperatures of 120 °C.

Dyeing at such a low temperature not only protects the elastane fibre from irreversible damages but additionally reduces oligomer deposits to a great extent.

This guarantees optimum yarn properties for further processing as well as a good reproducibility.

On classic HT dyeing (130 °C) the HP-LTD elements can be easily combined with the other dyes of the BEMACRON HP range.

BEMACRON HP-LTD dyes are also excellently suited for the use in thermosol processes.


Benefits of BEMACRON HP-LTD at a glance:

  • Highest wash fastnesses
  • Dyeing of polyester and polyester-elastane blends at 120 °C up to dark shades
  • No additional use of carriers necessary
  • Best reproducibility
  • Excellent dispersion stability
  • Prevention of oligomer deposits
  • bluesignŽ approved, ZDHC suited





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