BEZAKTIV ONE | The New WOW of Dyeing

Reactive dyes for water- and energy saving dye processes with significantly shortened process time

BEZAKTIV ONE is CHT’s newest and most cutting-edge reactive dye range. The range covers a broad spectrum of exceptionally strong dyes. This range enables cost-effective dye processes with less dye and salt. The excellent washing characteristics enable short rinse cycles at lower temperatures, thereby also implicating ecological and economic benefits. The dyes are particularly suitable for durable textiles due to their good multiple-washing fastness.

The new BEZAKTIV ONE range meets the most stringent environmental protection and sustainability requirements. It also zeroes in on what today’s market and customer require of innovative dyes – and that’s why we have coined it The New WOW of Dyeing.


Cellulosic fibers are often dyed with reactive dyes, as these are commercially available in a wide range of colors and result in dyed products with good washing fastness.

However, reactive dyeing consumes excessive water because of the required rinsing cycles. Increased environmental protection requirements mean that the development of energy- and water-saving processes is not simply a trend, but rather a core requirement for new dyes. Minimizing the number of rinsing baths and generally cooling the temperatures of the dyeing, rinsing, and soaping baths both contribute to efficient, water- and energy-saving dyeing processes. This is exactly what the new BEZAKIV ONE dyes are all about.


Benefits at a glance

  • Reduced time and costs for dyeing, rinsing, and soaping processes at temperatures from 40 – 60°C
  • Good multiple-washing fastnesses according to ISO 105-C09
  • Free of p-Chloroaniline (detection limit of 5 ppm)
  • High fixation speeds
  • Very good washing characteristics
  • Good color buildup
  • Excellent solubility
  • Suitable for all dyeing processes
  • Well combinable with each other
  • Good reproducibility

Shortened dye process

BEZAKTIV ONE dyes can be dyed, rinsed, and soaped between 40 and 60°C. The BEZAKTIV ONE exhaust dyeing process is thus significantly faster than conventional reactive dyeing processes, which require temperatures between 60 and 98°C. This advantage means increased productivity and reduced process time for the owner of the textile dyeing operation.

The advantages of the BEZAKTIV ONE process become particularly evident when dyeing medium to dark shades. With the high degree of fixation and good color build-up of BEZAKTIV ONE dyes, dark shades in particular can be achieved with lower dye concentration than with conventional bifunctional reactive dyes. Addition of the auxiliary COTOBLANC SEL in the soaping bath has additional positive effects: a wash process with low water and energy consumption that results in a textile with excellent wet fastness.


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The BEZAKTIV ONE dyes are ideally suited for use in the well-known  4SUCCESS process: a perfectly coordinated process optimization for the discontinuous processing of cellulose fibers.

The individual modules have proven themselves in real-world application and can be combined with each other like building blocks. Perfect coordination between the individual processes reduces your energy and water consumption considerably and shortens process time.


App with us!

Our innovative CHT Textile Dyes App (free in the App Store and Google Play Store) contains everything about our sustainable, state-of-the-art BEZAKTIV ONE dye range, including how to use it. And of course, you will also find information about all our other dyes.

BEZAKTIV Soaping Advisor

We are very proud of our unique calculation program, BEZAKTIV Soaping Advisor. In striving for good fastness when dyeing cotton with reactive dyes, the rinsing process consumes by far the greatest proportion of process time, water, and energy. Optimization of the rinsing process is therefore the most effective method for a reduced consumption of resources and process time. Please use the BEZAKTIV Soaping Advisor calculation program to pre-select the desired fastness level of a specific recipe, and the optimal rinsing process will be determined. Together, the BEZAKTIV Soaping Advisor and BEZAKTIV ONE dyes make quite the team.


We’d just like to add…

Have fun dyeing with our new BEZAKTIV ONE dyes and using our CHT Textile Dyes App!






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