SMART EXCELLENT | The first choice for excellent wet cleaning

The SMART EXCELLENT washing system by CHT is a combination of proven textile care products that are perfectly matched to one another. The system of detergents and washing auxiliaries treats textiles with care symbols that require professional wet cleaning and hand washing.

This powerful washing system is particularly suited for textiles from the fields of nursing, gastronomy or industry which have a certain share of special fibres such as wool, silk, cashmere or other fine hair. Precisely because the textiles are very gently cleaned at low temperatures.

But with CHT SMART EXCELLENT, textiles are not only washed in a professional wet cleaning process, they are also protected and disinfected at the same time.

Benefits of the SMART EXCELLENT procedure

Special additives in the detergents provide for a gentle treatment of sensitive fibres and textiles. Felting of wool fabrics is also prevented.

The washing results are remarkable: CHT SMART EXCELLENT optimally removes soil and stains.

Disinfection takes place within a very short time in the main wash.

The disinfection effect of the washing process is ensured by the reliable washing auxiliaries. The active substances of the CHT SMART EXCELLENT process are listed at the Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH).


Would you like to get more detailed information on the process?
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The SMART EXCELLENT process combines these products in an ideal way:

BEICLEAN CARE | Wetting agent, Detergent

BEICLEAN NFG | Wetting agent, Detergent

BEIPUR ANP | Alkaline buffering agent

Bleaching agent / Disinfectant

BEISOFT RGD | Soft handle agent



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