SMART UV POWER | UV-C Technology Makes Washing Processes Revolutionary

The New Dimension of Washing

“Smart washing” is the success formula for innovative washing processes. Based on its many years of know-how in textile chemistry and its sensitivity for its customers’ needs the CHT Group recently developed a revolutionary solution for sustainable washing processes.

With SMART UV POWER washing processes can be decisively optimised to save valuable resources and to reduce the impact on the environment. The intelligent combination of chemistry and physics opens up a completely new dimension for the complete industrial washing process.

Sustainable and Clean Washing with UV-C Energy

The innovative washing system from the R&D department of the CHT Group exploits the power of the UV-C technology. With SMART UV POWER your washing results will be excellent, especially on textiles which undergo great stress.

Thanks to the innovative UV-C technology the effluent load can be reduced in the washing process and water can be saved in the rinsing process. Make use of the smart power and wash your laundry with the sustainable synergies of physics and chemistry.

UV-C Reactor for Activating the Washing Liquor

In the washing process a reactor activates the complete washing liquor in the clear wash zone with UV-C energy. During this process the liquor circulates several times in the tank before it enters the main wash process.  This innovative process is completely free from chlorine and peracetic acids.

The UV-C reactor is a unit which can be integrated quickly and easily in each modern batch tunnel washer. Due to its simple handling and dosage the UV-C reactor can be optimally included in the CHT standard washing process.

Protects Textiles and the Environment.

SMART UV POWER makes washing processes revolutionary, also in terms of the durability of textiles. The persistent abandonment of chlorine clearly increases the durability of textiles.

The measuring process of the average depolymerisation value shows that the damaging factor decreases in multiple washing trials. A cotton fibre has e.g. excellent values even after 50 cycles with SMART UV POWER. A clean-cut affair, also in economic terms.


The SMART UV POWER washing process provides you with numerous benefits:

  • Optimum stain removal
  • High whiteness degrees
  • Fibre protecting
  • Reduces the COD and TOC values in the wastewater
  • Improves the quality of the rinsing water
  • Saves water
  • Prevents microbial contamination in batch tunnel washers
  • Supports the disinfectant effect (double safety)


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