Create new garment colour trends with BEZAKTIV FX, TUBANTIN and BEZAPRINT

Colours brighten up your life – the garment industry is well aware of this and it must currently face increasing challenges. Among of them are higher ecological requirements by customer and brands, high demands on fastness levels or optimum reproducibility - even of very critical shades.

In order to meet all these requirements, Bezema Colour Solutions offers you a large product portfolio for a reliable, fast and trendy production. You can be sure that you will always achieve brilliant and reproducible dyeings with excellent fastness properties and highly fashionable effects by using the powerful and modern dyes in the reactive, direct and pigment dyeing.

Of course, our procedures and products save resources and thus make a contribution to the environment. With our universally applicable dyes you are always on the right track when it comes to contemporary garment dyeing.


BEZAKTIV FX | The range of reactive dyes for garment dyeing

The new BEZAKTIV FX range comprises innovative elements for standard, high-performance or fashionable reactive dyeing processes. Since most colours have the highest fixing grades and the best wash-out properties, the need of water and energy, but also the contamination of the waste water, can be significantly minimised. BEZAKTIV FX dyes are also characterised by their positive fastness properties and the wide range of applications. Most BEZAKTIV FX products can also be used for fashionable bleaching treatments.


TUBANTIN | Direct dyes for cellulose

For direct dyeing Bezema Colour Solutions also offers you a large range of water-soluble TUBANTIN dyes. Thanks to the low consumption of chemicals and water, they enable ecological and economical processes for a large number of articles.

Avoid missing a colour trend by reading our FASHION NEWS

Bezema Colour Solutions provides colour recommendations twice a year for the two main seasons spring/summer and autumn/winter. They include not only the most important colour trends, but also the corresponding recipe recommendations for an easy implementation with our dyes and pigments.

The wide range of colours is defined together with the Swiss Textile Federation SWISS TEXTILES, which issues colour prognoses with the assistance of a panel of designers, artists, trend analysts and fashion designers from all over the world. Always be up at the pulse of time - with the FASHION NEWS from Bezema Colour Solutions.

In addition to formulations for direct and pigment dyeing with TUBANTIN or BEZAPRINT, you will now also find formulation recommendations that are specially adapted to our BEZAKTIV FX reactive dyes:

  • Classic dye selection
  • Low temperature soaping
  • Best possible dischargeabiliy
  • High light fastness

Bezema Colour Solutions – Your dye solutions for all requirements

The range of reactive dyes for garment dyeing

Direct dyes for cellulose

For pigment dyeing



Convincing bleaching effects with the organIQ BLEACH system

Optimise not only your dyeing processes, but also your used finishing with our first purely organic bleaching system for BEZAKTIV FX dyed articles and denim.

Further information on the organIQ product family




Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Bezema Colour SolutionsFASHION NEWS Winter 2020-21FASHION NEWS Winter 2020-21Brochure15.10.2019
Bezema Colour SolutionsBEZAKTIV FX | Reaktivfarbstoffe für GarmentBEZAKTIV FX | Reactive garment dyestuff rangeShade card14.10.2021
Bezema Colour SolutionsTUBANTIN | Direktfarbstoffe für ZelluloseTUBANTIN | Direct dyes for cellulosicsShade card23.09.2019
Bezema Colour SolutionsBEZAPRINT | Pigmente für den DruckBEZAPRINT | Pigments for printingShade card02.06.2022
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsorganIQ | Intelligente Jeans-VeredlungorganIQ | Intelligent jeans finishingBrochure24.05.2019