organIQ EMS Jeans | The benchmark for sustainable jeans finishing

With the organIQ BLEACH system we were the first, who offered an ecological alternative to potassium permanganate as a bleaching treatment for Denim. Today, CHT's organIQ products reach beyond the limits of the standards and are state of the art in ecological jeans production worldwide.

In recent years, we have continued to research and develop the organIQ system step by step, because we are continuously looking for enhancements to the organIQ range to offer our customers more sustainable solutions at the highest ecological level.

With organIQ EMS Jeans we have created an ecological modular system that offers almost infinite possibilities for state-of-the-art jeans finishing.

One system - no limits!


The next generation – organIQ seek

With organIQ seek, we now offer another bleaching system that meets the highest ecological demands. organIQ seek is the perfect complement to the existing organIQ product range. It can be used in nebulization systems, to create strong contrast and nice abrasion, but also in bath application for nice and clear flat looks.

Through the possibility of an application in water, a strong, light blue bleaching effect is possible, and this without any use of potassium permanganate or chlorine. organIQ seek is, as well as all the other organIQ products, purely organic and completely biodegradable.


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organIQ becomes an Ecological Modular System

With the development of the organIQ seek system, the organIQ family becomes a flexible modular system. We call it: organIQ EMS Jeans.

By combining the different modules, a huge range of classic and extravagant denim looks can be realized. And all this, of course, highly ecological.

If organIQ seek or organIQ BLEACH are combined with organIQ BIOPOWER, the use of stones, potassium permanganate and chlorine will no longer be necessary. Even very fluffy goods become absolutely smooth and get a precious character.

organIQ NEUTRAL makes it possible to make sub-processes in bleaching more environmentally friendly. With this, harmful neutralization processes can be carried out much more ecologically when using potassium permanganate. organIQ NEUTRAL offers for the first time an ecological alternative to conventional neutralization agents in bleaching processes with KMnO4, chlorine or ozone.

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organIQ product range


Learn more about the organIQ products and the modular application possibilities in the  ePaper and the simple show explainer.

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