Modern special effects

In the meantime they have become a 'must have' in every clothing assortment. Effects that offer something special, something other than daily wear a special effect.
Sometimes extravagant for fashionistas or in reduced manner for more commercial styles. Some of these effects have developed from the exception almost to a basic feature, others are reserved for the 'high fashion field'.

Our Garment Innovation Center is permanently implementing ideas into finish developments which are passed to our customers.

Every season brings up new developments, so that customers are highly impressed by our nearly bursting collection case.

Special effect examples:

  • Synthetic resin finishes are one of the specialties of CHT. No matter if permanent creases, easy care effects or to support used looks. There are many application fields
  • Fashionable coatings for effects - either applied all-over or just as a local highlight
    • Suede
    • Leather
    • Metallic
    • Glitter
    • Lustre effects
  • Oil, water and soil repellent finishes as well as fluorine-free water repellent finishes
  • All kinds of effect bleaches, whether as classic acid wash or with ecological alternatives from the organIQ product range
  • Resisting effects to achieve the popular patch looks
  • Patch and metal film applications