Your Denim. Your Impact.

With our “Your Denim. Your Impact.” campaign we commit ourselves to keeping the environmental impact of jeans treatment as low as possible. We invite the denim industry and end customers to join us and revolutionize denim manufacture.

From a raw denim to heavily bleached jeans, LAB102 has rewritten every single treatment step under the aspect of minimizing the environmental impact.

We believe that one of the reasons why many ecological alternatives haven’t been implemented in production is that they haven’t been flexible enough in terms of costs, capacity, and availability.

Therefore, our “Your Denim. Your Impact.” offers versatile sustainable processes by using our products. From cost neutral, very effective systems for every machine type, up to technologically sophisticated solutions, using modern machine parks if available.

The good thing is whatever you choose from Your Denim. Your Impact., even the simplest and most cost-effective module will make your denim jeans treatment more sustainable.

Water free / no stone

A stonewash, but without stones and water. With product systems such as BEIZYM PUSH and BEIZYM HighP, stonewash effects can now be created without stones, without a water bath for the actual treatment and without any additional energy input. The wastewater load is reduced to 1/12 compared to a conventional stonewash.

Chlorine free – enzyme bleaching

With innovative applications of an enzyme-based bleaching agent, organIQ seek, chlorine bleaching can be replaced. The use of other harsh chemicals to neutralize the jeans is also no longer necessary. With lower energy and water consumption plus reduced treatment time, a bleaching result comparable to the one of a chlorine bleaching is achieved.

Chlorine free – air bleaching

Ozone machines, which have been used for many years in garment treatment, can now use the ozone booster DENIMCOL TEC-CR for bleaching effects that were previously not possible. In addition to jeans, this chlorine-free variant can also bring out nice bleaching effects on colored pieces.

Ozone machines generate ozone in closed circuits from ambient air (O resp. O2 to O3). This ozone is able to destroy indigo and thus bleach the jeans under controlled conditions. At the end of the process, the ozone is converted back into oxygen before it leaves the closed machine cycle.

The use of DENIMCOL TEC-CR allows more flexibility in the treatment process with guarantee of best reproducibility.



The use of modern laser technology can replace additional spray bleaching for the creation of the used areas. Nevertheless, the laserbooster DENIMCOL TEC-LL can be used to improve the details of the laser pattern and increase the brightness. Easy to use: Application by local spray or all over by nebulization is possible. Compared to a spray bleach, no additional neutralisation is required when using this laserbooster.


Chose LAB102 for a positive mark. We are happy to advise you in detail.

Low Liquor Technology

Saving water is playing an increasingly important role, especially in the textile industry. In the garment sector, there are various technologies in which conventional effects can be achieved with significantly lower water consumption. Low-liquour technology is one of these. New machine designs allow a significant reduction in the liquor ratio. LAB102 offers specially developed products for such processes and thus enables maximum savings and effect.



Another effective water-saving technology is nebulization technology. Here, the chemicals are nebulized into a fine mist with a small quantity of water and injected into the drum. The chemicals only work where they are supposed to - on the surface of the garments. With ecological bleaching products or enzymes from LAB102, this technology can be optimally utilised and a variety of different effects can be achieved. Thanks to close cooperation with machine manufacturers, our product systems are ideally suited for the application in such machines.


PP free

organIQ BLEACH was our first fully ecological bleaching solution that can replace potassium permanganate in spray applications. The product system is still state of the art and ecologically at the highest possible level. Due to certain market restrictions, we offer this product system only on special conditions.

In addition to the direct replacement of PP spray, we recommend working with laser technology in combination with our laserbooster DENIMCOL TEC-LL (see above).


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