Garment dyeing

Modern Garment Dyeing

Garment dyeing offers many benefits to the present textile market as it allows for launching new articles within a very short time apart from the classic seasonal collections.

Dye shades, styles, looks as well as trends can be combined and quickly implemented just like the customer desires and demands this. The batch size can also be highly varied, which is an enormous advantage to classic manufacture from a dyed fabric.

The typical life style characteristics of garment dyeing such as the soft handle, the usually very good shrinkage values or if desired the slight wash look are fixed features of many current casual and sportswear product lines. Requirements on wet and light fastness levels as well as on sustainability must equally be fulfilled by the corresponding product selection and process.

Bezema Colour Solutions meet all of these requirements with a broad and reliable product range which support your quick and trend-conform manufacture. No matter whether you would like to apply reactive, direct or pigment dyeing processes, with our high performance products you always get brilliant and reproducible results with excellent fastness levels and achieve very stylish effects.

Our processes and products meet highest ecological standards, save resources and make thus their environmental contribution. With the universally applicable elements of Bezema Colour Solutions you are always on the right track to modern garment dyeing.


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