The clever and sustainable detergent


Better soil release with same surfactant concentration

The washing power of a detergent depends on its chemical composition as well as on the concentration of the detergent molecules in the washing bath.

By combining modified surfactant components with innovative, patented special polymers, the CHT Group has succeeded in developing a new generation of detergents. FELOSAN FOX sets new standards and increases the wash efficiency by at least 20 %.


The special polymers are integrated into the surfactant micelles and give the following effects:

  • Increase of the effective surfactant concentration by reduction of the critical concentration of micelle formation (CMC).
  • Increase of the effectiveness of washing and cleaning baths of at least 20 % compared to conventional detergents.
  • Stabilisation of the separated soiling by steric and electrostatic effects.
  • Increase of the emulsion stability of oils/fats/waxes and finishes
  • Improvement of the hydrophilic properties on the fabric.

FELOSAN FOX is APEO-free, biodegradable and protects resources. 

  • FELOSAN FOX is suitable for all fibres and can be used in all discontinuous and continuous washing and bleaching processes.
  • FELOSAN FOX has an outstanding wash effect and in this way leads to a high degree of soil removal.
  • Due to its high emulsifying power, FELOSAN FOX is very well suitable for the silicone oil removal on elastane material.
  • FELOSAN FOX is very low foaming, so that it can also be used on washing machines and discontinuous dyeing machines with high turbulences.
  • FELOSAN FOX is suited for application on automatic dosing plants.
  • FELOSAN FOX can be well combined with other CHT products.