BEIZYM SPELL - Glossy biofinish for viscose, cotton and blends

Great performance of BEIZYM SPELL: This cellulase blend provides a perfect biofinish of viscose, cotton and blends.

Particularly on dyed goods – and above all on intense colours such as turquoise, navy and black - the enzyme shows its high efficiency.

BEIZYM SPELL for a biofinish of CO and CV at 40 °C - 60 °C offers a sustainable solution and an even effect, in particular on striped textiles. Instead of pilling the enzyme produces an extremely smooth surface.

The surface look of repaired parts with grinding and chafe marks can often be improved to a great extent by a treatment with BEIZYM SPELL.

Glossy benefits

Compared with a surface treatment with common cellulases the following main benefits result with BEIZYM SPELL:

  • efficient on CV and highly twisted CO qualities and their blends
  • efficient on turquoise, black and critical shades, even on striped goods with various colours
  • broad application range from pH 5.0 to 7.0, therefore higher process safety and reproducibility
  • treatment temperature of 40 - 60 °C with a short running time of 20 min possible – time savings!
  • far less bleeding when treating dyed articles in the neutral pH range at 40 °C
  • nor or clearly less change in shade when working in the neutral pH range
  • reduced losses in weight and strength
  • contains lint dispersants

Saturated dyeing results

With BEIZYM SPELL these effects can be achieved:

  • reduced pilling tendency
  • clear surface structures
  • less lint on the surface
  • higher surface slip and silky gloss
  • improved hydrophilicity





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