PRINTPERFEKT EX FF | Your prints will take on a new dimension!

With the new foam paste PRINTPERFEKT EX FF itís you who determines the surface character and the height of your prints. This is the best and a highly versatile solution for current designs and effects with varying raised structures such as popcorn or suede, but also smooth surfaces.

By using PRINTPERFEKT EX FF as additive in combination with our screen printing pastes, PRINTPERFEKT WHITE 680 FF or PRINTPERFEKT CLEAR 680 FF, you cannot only define the foam height as you like. The real innovative option is above all the flexible blending. In contrast with former foam pastes, particularly smooth and even foam surfaces can be achieved.

If PRINTPERFEKT EX FF is used as single component, completely new foam heights can be obtained which stand out for their high stability.

It offers full creativity in designing and implementing your motifs and maximum flexibility in application and production.
Enjoy this absolute freedom with PRINTPERFEKT EX FF.


Convincing characteristics:

  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Can be coloured to any shade with pigments
    (blended with††BEZAPRINT)
  • Allows for a very high foam add-on
  • Perfectly suited for single jersey
  • Good rubbing fastness and wash fastness
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Foaming temperature 150 - 160 įC

When used as additive (with PRINTPERFEKT WHITE 680 FF or PRINTPERFEKT CLEAR 680 FF):

  • Can lead†to particularly smooth and even foam surfaces
  • Produces effects with brilliant colours
    (blended with††PRINTPERFEKT CLEAR 680 FF)
  • Allows for optimum foam effects on dark textiles
    (blended with††PRINTPERFEKT WHITE 680 FF)
  • Good foam height even with covering motifs



PRINTPERFEKT EX FF is mainly used in screen printing.
Optimised running properties make this paste very universal and variable, so that it can be applied both in manual printing and in automated circular printing.
We will be pleased to send you product samples, so that you can see for yourself how strong the PRINTPERFEKT system is.

Feel free to contact our Technical Service for further advice on the various effects.

Vintage effect

In combination with the foil adhesives PRINTPERFEKT FOIL ADHESIVE or TRANSLAC BOND 55 individual vintage or used effects can be produced.


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