Finishing solutions for yarns & threads

Numerous enhanced running and processing properties are available with modern yarn and thread finishing. In addition to simplifying your work, our exclusive finishing agents are technically and economically sound. Reduce your ecological footprint, benefit from increased process safety and efficiency, and save valuable resources.

Finishing solutions of the CHT GROUP will help you get the most out of your yarns.


Applying LUSTRAFFIN products is particularly simple and safe to use. Compared with hard waxing, the quality of knitting and weaving yarns is significantly improved. This allows for trouble-free yarn processing in addition to providing you, the yarn and thread producer, with technological advantages.



  • Low and stable coefficients of friction
  • Level distribution
  • Excellent exhaust rate
  • Improvement of antistatic properties
  • Simple and safe application
  • Suitable for all types of fibers



The characteristics of POLYAVIN such as low coefficient of friction, antistatic effect, heat protection and prevention of stick-slip can be controlled by the correct lubricant selection and application. CHT offers a broad choice of lubricants, particularly for sewing and embroidery threads.

Due to the optimal wetting properties, the lubricant is distributed homogeneously on the fiber.

Our lubricants offer the ideal stick-slip behavior and the required heat protection, even for complex stitch types and high-performance sewing and embroidery machines.



  • Low and stable coefficient of friction for a smooth thread run
  • No stick-slip effect
  • Maximum heat protection for synthetic fibers through a noticeably lower needle temperature
  • Very low impact on the shade of dyed articles
  • Excellent exhaust rate with our bath lubricants
  • Homogeneous lubricant distribution on the fiber
  • Suited as cold and hot melt lubricant on continuous dosing systems



With POLYAVIN BOND we offer suitable products and process recommendations for finishing and bonding durable sewing threads which must meet high mechanical and technical requirements. Our bonding and finishing solutions help you make special sewing threads more resilient and durable. Yarns that need to be water-repellent can be hydrophobized by using the corresponding additives.

In order to keep yarns or twisted yarns from untwisting while being sewn, the fibers are bonded together.

Use bonding agents to achieve outstanding results: They give the yarns a bonding effect without excessively stiffening them. This means that the twisted yarns and yarns can be consolidated without losing their suppleness and elasticity. The yarns can be made repellent against water, soil, and oil in a single operation using the bonding machine.




Learn more about our broad selection of weaving yarns for knitting and weaving yarns as well as embroidery and sewing threads in the ePaper.

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