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Give your pretreatment the power boost and achieve top results easily.

Best cleaning results, highest whiteness degrees and brilliant colours are no problem for the unique and patented CHT polymer technology. In the efficient polymer technology, three product solutions work together optimally as a team. Bundled together, they guarantee excellent dispersion of dirt, a strong secondary wash performance and anti-backstaining.

With this highly efficient team of specialty polymers, you are ready for the "power pretreatment" mission and put an end to disturbing fiber accompanying substances, sizes or metals.

Bundled bleaching power

The two sequestrants BEIXON DF and HEPTOL MC as well as the stabiliser CONTAVAN BA are excellently suited for discontinuous bleaching processes. But in continuous bleaching processes, such as pad-steam, pad-roll or cold bleaching, they are particularly effective.


BEIXON DF | Sequestrants, Dispersing agents

HEPTOL MC | Sequestrants, Dispersing agents

CONTAVAN BA | Bleaching auxiliaries and stabilisers


All three products meet the GOTS, ZDHC and bluesign® standards.

Unbeatable together

Although the three products are outstanding solo performers, they achieve the best results as a team:

  • Excellent dispersing of soil and stains
  • Fine dispersion of separated soil through static effects
  • Special anti-backstaining prevents the material from being stained again
  • Strong cleaning effect even with low water consumption - Peroxide savings in the bleaching process through an increased purity
  • Highest whiteness degrees with lowest fibre damage
  • Increased process safety

Ideal complement

We recommend the use of following CHT auxiliaries in combination:

FELOSAN FOX | Detergent

FELOSAN FOX-LF | Detergent


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