Silicone print pastes - Innovation in textile screen printing

Print pastes based on silicone elastomers are still an innovation in the field of textile screen printing. Aside from water-based print pastes the state-of-the-art products embody another ecologically harmless alternative to plastisols.The ALPAPRINT and ALPATEC pastes by CHT contain neither PVC nor phthalates nor formaldehyde and do not separate these either.

At the beginning, silicone elastomers were mostly used for the production of "anti-slip prints" because of their anti-slip properties. Further development of this new generation continued and convinced by its outstanding print properties.

CHT ALPAPRINT and ALPATEC silicone print pastes

Versatile and functional

ALPAPRINT and ALPATEC silicone print pastes stand out for their combination of positive as well as individual features. They have a long open time in the screen and can still be quickly dried intermediately. Silicone elastomers have also a high elasticity, a characteristic, soft handle and high wash stabilities. Hot fixation is not absolutely necessary.

Depending on the requirements, either shiny or mat surfaces can be printed.

A special feature of silicone elastomers is mainly, however, that nothing sticks to them. For example, a metal foil can be applied next to a silicone print without leaving any residues.

The right mix is what counts

Different kinds of silicone elastomers are processed depending on the application field.
ALPATEC 30143 A/B is mostly applied on baby socks because of its properties, whereas ALPAPRINT WHITE NG, OPAQUE NG and CLEAR NG are mainly processed on sports and athletic wear thanks to their mat surface and stability.

ALPATEC 30194 is used for very glossy gel effects in overprinting or direct printing resp. for metal or glitter effects.

CHT ALPAPRINT and ALPATEC silicone print pastes

The perfect supplement

CHT offers an application package for screen printing with silicone elastomers which contains various process auxiliaries.
These include COLORMATCH SI colour pigments, KÖRAFORM TM as thixotropic agent and ALPA OIL 50 as diluting agent.

We can also offer comprehensive solutions for extremely highly elastic substrates. The already high elasticity of the prints can be increased even more by adding ALPAPRINT ELASTIC ADD.

Sublimation occurring on synthetic materials can be counteracted by adding ALPATEC AM ADDITIVE.