SARABID SPIDER and REWIN GAP | Ecological dyeing with GOTS standard

The perfect pair for sustainable reactive CEL dyeing

With its products SARABID SPIDER and REWIN GAP, in combination with BEZAKTIV ONE dyes, the CHT Group offers textile finishers a complete and innovative package for dyeing and aftertreating their reactive dyeings.

Using the most innovative chemical auxiliaries currently available on the market, CHT has succeeded in realizing all the important features required for reactive dyeing. Cellulosic natural fiber materials can also be produced with the globally recognized GOTS certification.

As a multifunctional product, SARABID SPIDER has a controlling and correcting function in the reactive dye bath. The auxiliary plays a crucial role in ensuring consistent batch-to-batch reproduction and achieving right-first-time dyeing. SARABID SPIDER is suitable for anionic prewash without intermediate rinsing (scour dyeing) and for raw dyeing, but also as a multi-process product in any reactive dyeing. In the dye bath with reactive turquoise dyes it additionally avoids stains by effectively masking, emulsifying and dispersing hydrophobic substances.

Its low-foaming behavior makes SARABID SPIDER ideally suited for jet dyeing. It is also used in continuous reactive dyeing for dissolving dyes and for clean pad application.


The most important features of SARABID SPIDER at a glance

  • Applicable as an anionic detergent
  • Dissolves and disperses dyes
  • Sequesters calcium and magnesium
  • Masks non-ionic substances
  • Disperses silicates
  • Also acts as a crease-prevention agent
  • Emulsifies oils
  • Controls initial pH and buffers alkali peaks
  • Meets highest ecological standards: GOTS, C2C, bluesign®


The cationic fastness improvement agent REWIN GAP fixes colors and effects to make reactive and direct dyed textiles long-lasting and to produce them in a more environmentally friendly way. Thus, REWIN GAP fills the gap in the reactive dyeing process.


Functions and features of REWIN GAP

  • Optimizes the wet and wash fastness properties of direct and reactive dyeings at 40 °C
  • No dyestuff migration during prolonged storage
  • No impact on handle and influence on sewability
  • No influence on absorbency
  • Free from formaldehyde and heavy metals
  • bluesign® and GOTS certified


With SARABID SPIDER you hit the right shade, and REWIN GAP seamlessly fixes that shade for the entire color range.

Learn more in the brochure offered here. Our Technical Service will be happy to advise and assist you with your specific requirements at any time. Do not hesitate to contact us.







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