POLYAVIN bPEN | The new plug-in solution to replace fossil feedstock

POLYAVIN bPEN is the first finishing agent coming with a carbon uptake. The use of biobased raw materials, capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, achieves the reduction. Thus, CHT lifts the use of polyethylene-based products in the textile chain to the next level.

Take the opportunity to improve the CO2 footprint on your processing of textiles. POLYAVIN bPEN does not require any compromise versus a standard polyethylene and performs on a similar performance level.

Flexible product with versatile benefits

POLYAVIN bPEN is a versatile lubricant. The product can be used as processing aid to reduce yarn friction, to prevent sewing damage during confection, to achieve uniform raising effects and to support compressive shrinkage during sanforizing/compacting of fabrics.

POLYAVIN bPEN is also excellently suited as a performance additive to increase tear and abrasion resistance, to variate haptics. In combination with calandering processes, the product acts as a gloss enhancer to create valuable surface effects.

Convincing features

  • pleasant and bulky touch
  • good rewettability of treated articles
  • support compacting and sanforizing process steps
  • improves tear strength by easy care processes
  • excellent suitable for raising and emerizing articles
  • perfect for white and colours, compatible with selected optical brighteners
  • good durability to washing and dry clean
  • based on biobased renewable resources, no fossil resources used
  • biocarbon content of 91% (according to ASTM D6866-22)
  • suitable for pad application




POLYAVIN bPEN is approved biobased product at USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)

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